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Shakespeare Behind Bars: The Documentary

Shakespeare Behind Bars: The Documentary
by Philomath Films

Update on the Cast of The Tempest

Twelve of eighteen Tempest cast have been released from prison. One cast member died while incarcerated.

Hal (Prospero) went up for parole in July 2015 and received 10 more years. He has been awarded several Pen Prison Writing Awards. He continues with the SBB program.

Hal has recently been invited to participate in the Anne Frank Center USA Prison Diary Project,  with the goal of educating people on both sides of the wall.  The Pen American Center shared Hal’s contact information with AFC because of past creative writing awards.  A packet of material including a book, a blank journal, and a pamphlet on how to write a journal will be made available, as well as an envelope to return the completed journal within three months.  AFC has asked for permission to publish excerpts from the journal for educational purposes, online, radio, and an exhibit and in printed form.  The journal will be archived at the AFC.

Red (Miranda) received parole in 2008. He did very well but then got into trouble, was charged, tried, and convicted of new crimes. He was returned to prison with a 20 year sentence. Red was paroled in August of 2014.

Big G (Caliban) went up for parole in February 2011 and got 10 more years. He began a mentorship program for young offenders and he has worked in a training program for dogs taken from the county pound, obedience trained, and returned to the pound for adoption. All of the dogs G trained were adopted. He continues with the SBB program.

Sammie (Trinculo) after serving 30+ years in prison, Sammie was paroled on August 1, 2014.

Leonard (Anthonio #1) went up for parole in 2008 & got 10 more years. He went into a depression, took a leave of absence from SBB, and transferred to another prison.

Ron (Ferdinand) after 25 years of incarceration, Ron was paroled in April, 2016.

Bulldog (Ariel) served out. He got married and his wife had a baby. He works in the home security alarm business.

Vaughn (Gonzalo) served out in 2013.  He is building a life for himself beyond the razor-wire.

DeMond (Stephano) was transferred to 2 other prisons. His case was been taken on by the Innocence Project. They were seeking a new trial. DeMond was paroled in November, 2014.

Charlie (Francisco) received parole. He works in the construction industry.

Howard (Adrian) was paroled in 2012.  He returned home to his extended family and is grateful to be free.

Greg (Ceres) received parole, got married, worked as a civil engineer, publishes poetry online.

Boris (Juno) was transferred to another prison. He works as a legal aide.

Richard (Sebastian) received parole in 2009. He got married and works in the construction industry.

Raymond (Anthonio #3) was transferred to another prison.

Harvey (King Alonso) received parole in 2003. He continues to live successfully on the outside.

Kenneth (Ires) was transferred to another prison. He was paroled in November, 2014.

Rick (Anthonio #2) spent 30 days in the hole before he was transferred to another prison. 7 months later, he took the shoe laces out of his tennis shoes, tied them together, and used them to hang himself in his cell.

Warden Larry Chandler transferred to another prison as warden before retiring from the Kentucky Department of Corrections.  He served a stint on the Kentucky Parole Board eventually rising to become its chair before retiring.  He continues to work in corrections as a consultant.  In 2013, he spent twelve weeks in Abu Dhabi teaching the basic corrections for American Corrections Association.


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