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Funds received June 1, 2015 - May 31, 2016
in support of 2015-2016 Season
$5,000 – $7,499
The Norton Foundation
Vivian Ruth Sawyer and Thomas T. Noland, Jr.
VSA Kentucky

$1,000 – $2,499
Richard Bram and Monika Machon
Kristine A. Haig and John W. Sonnenday
Anne Huntington
Lafayette High School in Lexington, Kentucky - Susannah Kilbourne & English Students
Drs. Gordon Strauss and Catherine Newton
Jerry & Kathy Wittingen

$500 – $999
Mary Berghuis
Cornelia W. Bonnie
Tom Gerstle

$250 – $499
Lisa Beran
Concordia University Wisconsin Theatre
Deborah Gilbert
Thomas and Marian Hayden
Niels Herold
Embry Howell
Jeffrey Huisman
Brenda Ray

$100 – $249
Anonymous (2)
John and Lillian Back
Christine Beran
Lee Purcell Best
Patricia Bricking
Bill Carner and Mary Ceridan
Larry D. Chandler
Fr. Thomas R. Clark
Concordia University Wisconsin Theatre
Laryssa Cybriwsky
John and Mary Fleishman
Mike & Lana Kelly Fitzgerald
Teri Foltz
Pat Greulich
Phyllis Hastings
Sharon Heck
Doug Held
Jo Hohman
Mike and Lana Kelly Fitzgerald
Vicky Korosei
Bill and Linnie Maggard
Joe Pastry
Jennifer Payton
Regina Potyrai
Dr. and Rev. Janice Richmond
Lisa Rozema
William Russell
Robert Schmid
Shannon & Michael Scroggins
Revs. Diane and Walter Snowa
Joern Soltau
Rob & Deb Spera
Stawalburg Monastery
Bob and Mary Ann Stenger
Gene P. Stotz
Dr. Peter and Margaret Fife Tanguay
Nancy Tietge, in honor of Gordon Strauss M.D.
Vicki Watts
Karen Willis
Zion Lutheran Church, in honor of Joseph Byrd

$0.01 – $99
Anonymous (5)
Kara Amundson
Christine Beran
Renee Betz
James Blakeley
Frannie Bogojevich
Giselle Boulanger
Rev. John Burke
Lee Carroll
Perry Chang
Nicholas Covault
Frank L. Cunningham
Kenneth Davis
Lloyd Davies
Diverse Collaborations LLC
Dawn Dones
Constance Dorval
Joan and Tom Dubay
John Fisher
Lana S. Kelly-Fitzgerald
Charles Francke & Denise Winland
Nicole Gaines
Barbara Gibson
Phyllis Gorfain and Bruce Richards
Beverly Gradisek
Jenifer Gunnick
Stephen I. Hemenway
Kara Hockenbury
Jennifer Hodges
Winifred Hoskins
Laura Howell
Jessica Howington
Maggie Huber
Lauren Kehr
Vicky Korosei
Mary Courtney Lagrew
Sharon Leaman
Terri Leehy
Don and Peg Luidens
Christine Martin
Susan Mercke
Linda Mitchell
Mario Mitchell
Kristen Moore
Bob and Bobbie Moore
Stephanie Morin
Nanette Navarre
Carrie Neumayer
Carol Norton
Joe Pastry
Mary Ellen Peacock
David Pohanka
Nancy Raleigh
Lucy Ratliff
Maria Yolanda Rebollar
Doug Magee and Anne Marie Regan
Anne Renner-Evans
Michael and Shannon Scroggins
Kenneth Scull
Patricia Schalck
Joan Shanahan
Michael Shell
Nicolette Sipe
Christopher Skye
Patti and Don Smith
Susan Southard
Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Stivers
Karina Strange
Stan and Mary Suleski
Martha Stuber
Denise Taylor
Molly Truglia
Two Cups Coffee
Steve Udelhoven
Karah Vessels
Naomi Warndorff
Jennifer Watson
Marie Wilson
Marc Zakem 
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